Registreerimine / Registration

Koera andmed / Dog's details
Only dogs with valid studbook number can be registred, we don't accept puppy cards
Eesti (EST) või Soome (FIN) registris olevad koerad võivad järgnevad küsimused vahele jätta ja jätkata omaniku andmete juurest Dogs in Estonian (EST) or Finnish (FIN) registry can skip next questions and continue from the question about the owner.
NB! Kupeeritud koerad, kes on sündinud peale 1. augusti 2013 ei või EKLi näitustel osaleda. Dogs whose date of birth is 1st August 2013 or later and whose ears have been cropped and/or tails docked may not take part in shows listed in the calendar of Estonian Kennel Union.
Vanemad / Parents
Kasvataja / Breeder
EST ja FIN registri koera omanikud, kes vahepealsed küsimused vahele jätsid, palun jätkake siit! For dogs in EST and FIN registry, if you skipped the questions: please continue from here!
Omanik / Owner
Please write the address in the form: street, the house number and apartment number, village, postcode, city or county, country.
Lisavõistlused / Additional competitions
Osalustasu / Entry fee
EUR on makstud / has been paid.

Bank account details: MTÜ Eesti Šnautserite Klubi
Swedbank IBAN EE062200221015167542, SWIFT HABAEE2X
Costs for transactions will be covered by the sender.

Please attach a copy of the receipt.
Dokumendid / Documents
Ei ole vaja EST või FIN registris olevatel koertel. Not needed for dogs in EST or FIN registry.
When participating in champion or working class, please attach the diploma or certificate.
You can write here your comments and questions.